Welcome to the N9NTH store.

Dan Chase is an illustrator & tattooist from the UK who produces various forms of artwork from traditional media through to digital art. His ethos stems from his years producing graffiti, illustration & tattoos, always embedded in 'Urban' sensibilities with a flourish of colour.

He's now started expanding into clothing by producing pieces only available on this site. Expect more products to be added with some Limited Editions along the way!

We strive to produce items that we want to own or wear as much as you do!

All products available through the site are created & tested by ourselves, products we've actually purchased to make sure they meet our high standards and levels of product satisfaction. Every product is tested first, that's why you'll see 'coming soon' on items for a few weeks before they're released -  we are testing, framing, hanging, washing and wearing these items ourselves to ensure they meet our high demands.

Repeat business is dependent on quality, no one tells you when they're not in love with a product, they just don't purchase again. this is why quality rules over everything we do.

Lastly, We thank you for your support! Whether you purchase or not, just by visiting the site you've made us happy! Without you, we couldn't do this x.